Enikő Leányvári

Tiger’s Eye Mosaic

Fine art mosaics created using both ancient and contemporary methods

I am a Hungarian-British mosaicist living in London. My expertise scales from micro-mosaics to vast floor and wall mosaics, from ancient to contemporary methods and materials. I am passionate about learning and perfecting rare old and new techniques and integrating them in my artworks.

Classically trained in Ravenna, Italy and in London

My professional journey as a mosaic artist started in 2017, when I finally found the courage to change my career after nearly two decades in performing arts and literature. I trained classically in Ravenna and in London and have worked on large- and small-scale projects in the UK and Italy.

Featured in Mosaic & Glass Magazine

Member of the Cockpit Arts Creative Community, London

In 2023 I opened my own studio in Cockpit Studios in London. I am a dedicated member of the Cockpit Arts creative community, which gives home to around 170 of the world’s finest art makers in London.

I always collaborate closely with my clients to realize their individual desires and visions. I am happy to design something new and contemporary but also confident with recreating historically accurate mosaics for walls and flooring. I offer full design, fabrication and installation service.

“My sun-mirror mosaic has accompanied all my highs and lows over the past year and a half, reminding me to smile every morning. The brilliant warm colours of the Sun surround my reflection – I can almost feel the warm rays stroking my face – a breathtaking contrast against the cool, but vibrant blue shades of the sky.

It is a constant source of wonder and positive energy in my room, which would now feel incomplete without it. Enikő hit the nail right on the head, crafting something that feels truly personal in addition to being delicate and refined.”