“We just wanted to say a huge thank you for our mosaic. It’s absolutely beautiful. We are all blown away and it has transformed our kitchen. We love sipping tea and staring at it in all different kinds of light. Even in the dark it is stunning. The kids were so happy and we’re all coming up with a name for the flamingo. Thank you for this wonderful work of art that will give us years of joy and contemplation. What an achievement and we feel very lucky you worked so hard on it and chose such fantastic colours!”

Abby & Dan

“I’m a poet, I love poetic artworks, and this one is lyrical enough: not only is it crafted according to a Rossetti poem and an original painting on the Persephone topic with perfect artistic dedication and precision, but it also lifts the soul: this piece is inconstant flux, lighting up and transforming according to the passage of the sun – it is fixed, but never the same. I look at it every day while writing, and observe how it almost filters the light into music. It helps me a lot in my work, I love it very much.”

Anna T. Szabó

“My sun-mirror has accompanied all my highs and lows over the past year and a half, reminding me to smile every morning. The brilliant warm colours of the Sun surround my reflection – I can almost feel the warm rays stroking my face – a breathtaking contrast against the cool, but vibrant blue shades of the sky. It is a constant source of wonder and positive energy in my room, which would now feel incomplete without it. Enikő hit the nail right on the head, crafting something that feels truly personal in addition to being delicate and refined.”


“I love mosaics but never knew it could be turned into tiny jewellery! The design is beautiful, the colours are gorgeous. The glass pieces vary yet it is a beautifully smooth shape. There is a lovely shimmering light from the tiny glass fragments that is hard to describe but it is to behold. The craftsmanship and attention to detail is outstanding. It is impossible to take a good photo of it but in real life it is a superb, unique, handmade jewellery. This piece was a birthday present but now I am thinking getting one for myself too!”