Roman Mosaic Floors for Villa Ventorum, Somerset, UK

Re-creation of an entire Roman villa commissioned by Roman Mosaic Workshops Ltd. and made with a team of mosaicists of the London School of Mosaic (LSoM).

Roman Mosaic Floor for Butser Ancient Farm, Hampshire, UK

An in-situ Roman mosaic floor reconstruction. For this experimental project, we tried to imitate the entire manufacturing procedure for a floor of this type.

Micro-Mosaic Fine Jewellery

Handcrafted micro-mosaics created using the Italian filato-making technique for crafting micro-tiles.

Smalti Mosaics

Smalti are small pieces of coloured glass, engineered specifically for mosaic art. Solidified glass paste is cut into small tesserae (tiles) using hand tools, much in the same way as was done during the Roman period.

Wall Mosaics

Wall mosaics can be made using glass or ceramic tiles and make brilliant large-scale, eye-catching pieces both on the walls of a family home but also in public spaces.

Pebble Mosaics

In the very beginning, mosaics were fabricated using pebbles found in nature, with each stone carefully placed to be an integral part of a coherent, well-designed whole.